Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reasons I love Greenpoint- Part 2: Anthony @ Key Food

One thing I dreaded when I moved to Brooklyn was figuring out where I was going to buy my groceries. In fact, it's one of the reasons I was reluctant to give up my car for so long.

I had been to the Associated on Manhattan Ave a few times in a pinch, but it is fairly small, so the selection is also small. And even worse - they don't take American Express, which is my preferred card since I get cash back.

After living here about a year, I dropped off my car for service one morning at a shop on McGuinness Blvd. On the walk home, since I was passing right by it, I decided to pop into Key Food for a few items I needed. Quite honestly, I expected the worst; but much to my amazement, it was huge inside (by NYC standards) and really nice! It was well stocked, clean, and had enough space to carry a wide selection of items.

But the thing I am most critical of in any grocery store, and what I often judge that store by - is its produce section. And much to my surprise and delight, this Key Food had a large and gorgeous produce section!

After that initial visit, I began shopping there regularly. And it wasn't long before I met one of the workers in the produce section who is responsible for keeping it so beautifully and freshly stocked.

Meet Anthony-

Anthony is a sweet, friendly and hard working young man. And he always has a smile. When I do my weekly shopping, I look for him to say hello and have a brief chit chat. He's nice enough to entertain my random conversations - which are usually food related. Once, I mentioned I had a salsa recipe that called for tomatillos, and asked Anthony if they carry them. Sadly, they did not. But Anthony managed to pull a few produce strings and on my next visit, sure enough, there were tomatillos! (My salsa was awesome, by the way. Thanks, Anthony!)

I've only seen him outside of the store once - Lainy and I were bike riding around the neighborhood, and I heard someone call my name. I turned around and it was Anthony. I said hello and rang my little bell for him. Lainy asked "Who was that?" When I told her it was Anthony, the great produce guy from Key Food, she was like "My god, you know EVERYONE!" Not everyone, but lots of good people.

Thank you Anthony, for being such a nice part of my weekly visit to Key Food, and for keeping that produce section in such great shape. You're one more reason I'm glad to call Greenpoint home!