Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reasons I love Greenpoint- Part 8: B's Bikes

Being a biking novice (I only started riding two years ago), and riding a giant one-speed pink Hello Kitty Cruiser, I admit I was very embarrassed when I first started going to bike shops. But the shop within blocks of my apartment turned out to be the best one I had the pleasure of visiting. That shop is B's Bikes, on Driggs at the corner of Eckford-

I've been to this shop numerous times for various reasons in the two years that I've been cycling around. Some of my first purchases were when I bought my fancy pink handles (seen below), as well as my headlight and tail-light (not seen here, I didn't have them when this photo was taken. But I really like this photo)

Pink & Blue

But what really impressed me about this shop was the staff. They are courteous, patient and helpful. And to their credit, they could have ripped me off on several occasions, but they did not. Let me re-count a few experiences I've had there:

1- Last year I brought the cruiser there at the start of spring for a 'tune up'. Brendan, the owner, basically told me that the bike was in fine shape and he wasn't going to keep it there and charge me for nothing. Here is Brendan-

Brendan of B's Bikes

2- Last summer, when my handlebars were so loose they were sliding around as I rode, I did everything I could to tighten them but just couldn't get them tight enough. It was so dangerous that I couldn't ride the bike that way at all. So I swung by there and within minutes, one of the guys in there tightened them for me and didn't even charge me! (Thanks, guy with the long blond hair!)

3- Earlier this spring, I couldn't get my bike lock to lock (the key wouldn't come out when I turned it to the lock position). I tried putting it in the freezer over night, spraying it with WD-40. No luck. I thought for sure I'd have to drop 50 or more dollars on a new lock. I brought it to B's and asked the guy (same blond guy who adjusted my handlebars last summer) if he had any idea what was causing it, or if I needed to buy a new lock. Within minutes he showed me the piece of metal that was in the way (some attachment I wasn't using). He removed it, and my bike lock was working once again. I was so thankful! He could have easily told me I needed to buy a new lock! (Side note: I had not even bought the lock from them, it was from another shop before I found B's!)

Recently, I picked up a charming new wicker basket (but have yet to install it) and I asked Brendan to see if he can find me some pink pedals. (I saw a girl with them during the bike tour and I want them!!!)

Based on all of my great experiences from B's Bikes, it is now the only bike shop I use. So when I needed the cruiser checked out before The 5 Boro Bike Tour, I brought it to their very capable staff. It was ready the next day and only cost about 20 bucks! What service!!

So if you need bike accessories, bike service or even a new bike...

Bikes Galore @ B's!

...get yourself to B's Bikes in Greenpoint. They're open till 8pm. You won't be disappointed!

B's Bikes

262 Driggs Ave
at the corner of Eckford

(between Eckford St & Leonard St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 349-1212


Bridgett said...

I just love your bike! :)

Tucker Hart said...

You've inspired me. Pibb & I bought each other bikes FIVE YEARS ago as wedding presents. (mine is insanely awesome. Black & pink w/ FLAMES). We rode them home from the shop, and that's the last time we've used them. My bike is WAY too cool to be stuck in my garage. Thanks Sheryl!

Lapetitemort said...

Businesses like that are becoming extinct! With such wonderful service, they easily bring in business. It is such a shame they are a dying breed. The bike shop in my neighborhood is much the same way. I just hope that their business doesn't suffer with the trendy, big time type bike shops creeping up around.

Kathy said...

Your bike is just to cute. It makes me want to get one too.

retroliving said...

They sound amazing, its so hard to find good shops and good people now a days. I think pink pedals would be the most adorabel addition to your pink bike. I have a giant purple beach cruiser :)

Michelle said...

I need a bike... I wouldn't bike to work (I carpool) but I want one to ride to the park, to the grocery store (if it's a small run), etc.

Connie K said...

I love the Hello kitty bike i have been wanting one for years but just never got one !! And i am new to your blog and i just love it !! so i will be checking in on it daily thanks so much i love the other one too!! Weight watchers!! yay ~ you look great :)

Rapunzel said...

Love the bike, adorable! My Town is not very bike-friendly, unfortunately, wish I could ride without risking life & limb.

Trout said...

Yo Sheryl, FYI, your buddy Jake works in a trendy upscale bicycle shop. Tuning up pink beach cruisers is a specialty of his.

Bob said...

The "blonde guy" who helped you at B's Bikes is Andrei; he's one of the shop's helpful and friendly mechanics and has been there for several years.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Thanks, Bob. I know that now. I since met many of the guys @ the shop and know them by name: Andre, Alex and Ted specifically. Is this Bob from the shop, who I met a few weeks ago, or is the name just a coincidence? If so, I will be by for an air check tomorrow around 1pm. :)

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

The pink bike is probably an envy of many young girls. Very cute.