Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reasons I love Greenpoint- Part 11: Park Luncheonette

Park Luncheonette (on Driggs, Greenpoint)

Obviously, I waited too long to post this (it's been drafted since April) so consider this a posthumous nod...

One great thing about living in Greenpoint is the abundance of brunch options. Now I know some people think brunch is for assholes, but call me an asshole, because I happen to LOVE brunch. The word alone excites me! Say it with me: "brunch"! Isn't it fun to say?

Now, I realize that technically, anything from the breakfast or lunch portion of most menus can be ordered at any time on a Sunday, but that's not an event. Somehow, slapping it on another section of the menu and calling it "brunch" makes it more magical. For me at least.

And since I have always loved the look of old Luncheonettes, one of my favorite brunch spots in Greenpoint is Park Luncheonette on the corner of Driggs and Lorimer. The awning states it's from 1931, so I am guessing it's also one of the oldest eating establishments in the neighborhood.

I've had many brunches here, all fantastic and delicious - several times with Lainy, once with Joe Vincent, once with my high school friends Julie & Eila, and once with a super hot guy I was really into but who stopped calling me... Anyway, because I loved the look of this place upon first seeing it, I have a few photographs of it.

Here it is on 03/05/2006. I remember this day. This was one of my first walks around the neighborhood, 3 months after I moved into Greenpoint -

Driggs Ave @ Lorimer

Here it is on 06/02/2008, closed with only a little graffiti-

Park Luncheonette (corner of Driggs & Lorimer)

Corner shot from 06/20/2008-

Park Luncheonette

Evening shot, 09/13/2008-

Park Luncheonette on Driggs & Lorimer

Corner shot with lots more graffiti, 11/07/2008-

I love Park Luncheonette!

I love Park Luncheonette!

Open for business on 03/08/09-

Park Luncheonette - one of my local favorites

on 04/17/09 (this is my last photograph of it open)-

Closed on 07/06/2009-

Sadly, I recently learned that Park Luncheonette is closed. As in permanently. This saddened me greatly. I feel like this establishment is a staple of Greenpoint and I'm going to miss it terribly. I wonder what will happen to this beautiful old neon!

Neon at Park Luncheonette

Neon at Park Luncheonette

Neon at Park Luncheonette

And look at the beautiful hand painted sign for Knishes and Ices-

Park Luncheonette (view from inside) on Driggs

Knishes & Ices - Painted on window at Park Luncheonette

And if all of that isn't enough to show off the coolness, the opening scene of The Departed was shot in there - See the clip below and advance to the time marker of 1:03 to see the distinct lettering outside. The rest of that opening scene with Jack Nicholson was actually filmed inside the luncheonette! (Photos of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson and Martin Scorcese lined the inside of the luncheonette after the filming) It also appears later in the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio gets his ass kicked in there (if I remember correctly)

But sadly, it is no more. All I have are my few photos and my memories. RIP, Park Luncheonette. You will be missed!

Park Luncheonette is closed! I'm so upset about this!


Emily Beebe said...

What?!?! Closed? Nooooo. I loved Park Luncheonette. Best home fries I've ever had. I'm so sad.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Hi Em! Congrats on the nuptials! I know, isn't it sad? I hope the new inhabitants don't change the outside of the place.

JK said...

You know, the outside is also in the first episode of Seinfeld as the diner they always eat at. Before the series got picked up and they used the iconic UWS diner.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

JK- I am a huge Seinfeld fan and I did not know that! I have seen every episode numerous times but it's been a while since I saw the first season. I am going to have to go back and look at that. Thanks for the info.

Here is the diner on the UWS: