Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reasons I love Greenpoint- Part 13: Boneshakers

One Greenpoint establishment near and dear to my heart is a vegan/vegetarian cafe situated just south of the BQE at 134 Kingsland Ave. It's the fantastic and bike-centric Boneshakers.

Death before Decaf, I couldn't agree more:

Death Before Decaf

They've been open about a year, but I only started going there this summer. I was instantly smitten and have been back many times since. They have a great selection of sandwiches and baked goods that are vegetarian or vegan, all of which are made fresh daily.

Here are some of the desserts (see chalkboard):

And here is a view of the dessert cupboard:

Apricot Oatmeal cookies baked by Megan

More of the baked goodness @ Boneshakers

Here's the menu for some of the breakfast, sandwich and salad items:

Sandwich & Salad Menu

And here is just a small sampling of the biking decor, including my favorite - "Put the fun between your legs"

"Put the fun between your legs"

When I rode the NY Century Tour in September, I met one of the owners of Boneshakers, Megan. I was excited to tell her how much I love the shop. I also told her how much I love her tweets about what she is baking. (Being a baked goods junkie, I won't lie, it's pure torture, but I love reading her posts!)

Over the summer, they featured an all-you-can-eat vegan pancake breakfast on Sundays-

This was a very dangerous thing for me since I love pancakes and can easily eat way too many of them. I was good though, and opted for the 'short stack' (3 pancakes) instead.

(Here I am enjoying the short stack and coffee from Gimme Coffee- one of my favorite local coffee shops- while I blog-)

blogging over vegan pancakes @ Boneshakers

The all-you-can-eat pancake offer is over, but don't despair! They offer a 'tall stack' or 'short stack' for your pancakey enjoyment. Here is a copy of their current brunch menu:

Boneshakers Brunch Menu

Do yourself a favor and make it over to Boneshakers as soon as you can. The staff is so nice and the food is simply amazing (I *highly* suggest the veggie burger, shown here with a side of oven fries-).

Veggie Burger, $6

Oven Baked Fries $4

And while you're there, if you see the hard working and heavily tattooed Megan behind the counter, give her a smile. Also, don't leave without trying one of her fresh baked vegan cookies. You won't be disappointed!

134 Kingsland Ave
Brooklyn, NY
*note: they also have free wifi!

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Vintage Christine said...

Well, it is just totally unfair that you live there and I have to live in the Land of Huntin' 'n Deep Fry (aka Mississippi). Whenever I come to New York, I hit every vegetarian/vegan restaurant I can find (which is ALOT!). Vegetarianism = communism in the minds of my beloved neighbors. Consider yourself blessed, my dear!!