Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reasons I love Greenpoint- Part 9: Brouwerij Lane

Brouwerij Lane is a fairly recent edition to Greenpoint - they first opened their doors in our fine neighborhood on March 21st, 2009. I attended that first day opening and have been back many times since. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the store is very clean and well organized - all of which are very important to me. In the brief amount of time they've been in Greenpoint, they have become my go-to place for beer.

Brouwerij Lane - Opening Day

Entrance to Brouwerij Lane

I must admit, I am wildly attracted to that cut out man

They host events fairly often, like the Maibock Party in early May, which I also attended-

Bock Party!

This woman was very funny

Here, Ed Raven (the owner of Brouwerij Lane and Raven Import Co) explains the origins of Maibock, and goes over some of the seasonal offerings-

An explanation of Mai Bock and the Lane's specials

There is a fantastic selection of 'mix and match' bottles for sale in their coolers -

And while you are there, you can enjoy a half pint for 2 bucks or a full pint for 4 bucks. But if you want to take home one of their great tap selections (which change regularly)...

Brouwerij Lane - Tasting Station

Look at that tempting selections!

Tap selctions @ Brouwerij Lane

...Then pick yourself up a growler (a term I never heard prior to this establishment - it holds about 4 pints) for 5 bucks and have it filled it with the beer of your choice!

I bought a growler!

If you're lucky, Erik Olsen will be working that day. If you're not sure which beer to select, let him know what brands or types of brew you prefer. He will be happy to explain the different available beers and give you a sample before you make your selection. (This man has not steered me wrong once! Thank you, Erik!)

Erik Olsen, your handsome and knowledgeable beer specialist

And with all the constant TV and movie shooting that goes on in our neighborhood - a good amount of the trailers parked up and down Greenpoint Ave - Brouwerij Lane makes sure the film crews know they are welcome -

So, if you are a lover of great beer, I highly recommend checking this place out. Leave with a mix and match 6 pack or buy a growler and bring home some fresh, delicious tap beer, which is what I do. Of course the beauty of the growler is bringing it back for a refill when you're done. In fact, I need a refill myself. I'm headed over there now...

Brouwerij Lane
78 Greenpoint Ave (just west of Franklin St)(347) 529-6133Hours: Monday - Thursday: 2pm - 10pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 12pm - 10p

You can also follow Brouwerij Lane on Twitter